This year we will be doing an entire week like Pembine and Dunbar do. Our week to take large items up to GFL just south of Niagara is June 17th through the 21st. Residents must obtain a voucher prior to hauling items to GFL in order to have the town cover the cost of disposal. A limit of ONE pick up truck or trailer load will be permitted for each resident. Scrap metal must be separated from other items. These items must be unloaded BEFORE you enter the scales. You will be weighed BEFORE unloading and AFTER unloading before you leave. This determines the cost to the town of your one load. The following WILL NOT be accepted: batteries, waste oil, recyclables, tires, wet paint/stains, yard waste/brush, hazardous waste (chemicals/solvents), appliances with freon, construction materials including roofing shingles or regular household garbage. The town will NOT pay for these items. Also, there is an extra charge for mattresses and electronics which will be the residents responsibility. GFL only takes check or card, NO CASH.
Contact the office for a voucher; 715-324-5535 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will be here Tuesday mornings also for pick up of vouchers.